How well do children progress and achieve at South Petherwin?
We are very proud to achieve exceptional results at the end of Key Stage 2 (end of Primary School).  Our children's attainment is well above national benchmarks.  The results for reading and maths put the school in the highest quintile nationally.
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, no assessment results were published as performance measures by the Secretary of State for Education for either 2020 or 2021.  Therefore these performance measures are not current.  However, we were confident that our cohorts for these two years would have also achieved exceptionally well thanks to the good teaching and learning strategies in place throughout the school.
2019 Key Stage 2 (End of Primary School) Results


  • 88% achieved expected standard and above  (This exceeds the National Average of 73%)
  • 38% achieved greater depth                          (This exceeds the National Average of 27%)
  • Average Scaled Score: 108.0                         (This exceeds the National Average of 104.4)
Spelling and Grammar (GPS) 
  • 88% achieved expected standard and above  (This exceeds the National Average of 78%)
  • 31% achieved greater depth                          (This exceeds the National Average of ??%) 
  • Average Scaled Score: 108.3                         (This exceeds the National Average of 106.3)  
  • 81% achieved expected standard and above  (This exceeds the National Average of 78%)
  • 38% achieved greater depth                          (This exceeds the National Average of 20%)                    


  • 94% achieved expected standard and above  (This exceeds the National Average of 79%)
  • 38% achieved a greater depth                       (This exceeds the National Average of 27%)                 
  • Average Scaled Score: 107.2                         (This exceeds the National Average of 105.0)
Progress Scores
Progress scores are centred around 0, with most schools within the range -5 to +5. (A score of 0 means pupils in the school do as well as those with similar prior attainment nationally.)

Our progress results from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 show that children at South Petherwin School make better progress than the Cornwall Average


  • +1.8 (Cornwall: -0.2)
  • =0.0 (Cornwall: -0.1)
  • +0.5 (Cornwall: -0.8)
The standard of both attainment at our school is high.  Our pupils consistently perform above the national average in all areas and we strive to continuously improve our results over time.
All across England, pupil achievement is judged on age-related expectations linked to the knowledge and skills outlined in the National Curriculum.  If pupils meet age-related expectations they are said to be working at the 'expected standard'.  If they achieve highly, they are said to be working at 'greater depth'.
The table above is a summary of children's attainment at the end of their time at South Petherwin School over the last three years.  When looking at these figures, it is useful to compare them with how schools did nationally to get an idea about how well children do at our school.