Class 2 Homework

Homework for Class 2
Homework activities for this term.
Each child has been provided with their
Spelling list for this 1st half term, number bond poster and a list of common exception words for their year group.
(This is also available in the 'spelling' link below)
We will be checking spellings every week with a spelling check on a Friday
 ‘Around the World’ Maths challenge check again on a Friday, this will include + and - questions which when the children are ready include multiplication facts.
Please practice reading with your child everyday and record what and how they have read in their reading diary.
Reading diaries need to be in school everyday, preferably in a book bag.
Spellings need to be practiced for their weekly check every friday.
Maths practice includes, counting, recognising and writing numbers. learning by heart number bonds to 10
Reading and Spelling
Please continue to hear your child read every day if possible and record this in their existing reading diary, we have a reading diary book that we will use in school when we hear them individually read.
Reading Challenge.
Listed below are the top fifty books that are recommended that your child reads.
Have a look and see how many of these you can read this year. 
(Click on the year group link below)
Happy reading!
Please can children 'have a go' at learning the spellings set out in the resource below.
The is a challenge 'wow' word (optional), as well as 'topic' words, common exception words and statutory year group spelling pattern words.
They could use the 'look, say, cover, write, check' activity, dice game or use the words in a sentence.
Year 1 spellings for the 1st half of Autumn term
Please practise numbers to 10 and then 20 when they are ready, little and often.
You could include + and - with 10 or 20 (100 for Year 2's) as well.
(Year 2's can practise the 2x, 5x and 10 x tables again, little and often)
'Real life' activities are great for maths too this includes shopping, money, measuring etc...
Below are links to 'times table rockstar' for Year 2's, and 'Top marks - hit the button' game is great for quick maths games too.