Welcome to Class Four
In Class Four you will find our enthusiastic, hard working and very responsible Year Five and Year Six pupils.
Our main classroom staff are Miss Wills (teacher), Mr Maudsley (Learning Support Assistant (LSA) mornings; and Mrs Crosswood (LSA, afternoons). Mrs Biddle teaches the class all day on Thursdays, and Mrs Turner (LSA) also works in the class for two mornings per week. We enjoy working on a variety of activities with many different staff - a typical week in Class Four is very busy. 
Class Four enjoy learning through a range of different activities and are well motivated whatever the subject. Some of our favourite activities include writing exciting stories and poetry, the maths "Around the World" and "Tables Grid" challenges, and reading a novel together in class. Furthermore, we enjoy making use of Chromebooks, for both Computing activities and for research in a range of curriculum subjects, such as our Topic work about the Stone Age and Iron Age periods in Britain.  Class Four are also a very inquisitive group, and enjoy developing their experimental and investigative skills in their exciting weekly Science lessons with Mrs Biddle.  They are keen to learn about other places and cultures, and are very lucky to benefit from the expertise of languages specialist Mrs Crosswood teaching Spanish lessons on a weekly basis.
Creative tasks are also enjoyed by Class Four.  Art is a favourite subject for many pupils, and we really love to view and evaluate each other's work at the end of a session.  In addition, Music is also very popular.   Year Five and Six love creating our own compositions, both with instruments and devising song lyrics.  Many Class Four pupils also attend our orchestra, run by Mrs Dobson, and have individual lessons for singing, piano and brass.  For one term per year, thanks to the hard work of Mrs Dobson, we are able to have a whole class set of brass instruments on loan from The Music Hub.  We thoroughly enjoy her lessons and recognise that to share in her expertise is an opportunity too good to be missed.
Many pupils in Class Four are keen participants in Sports and PE.  All are enthusiastic to take part in PE lessons, enjoying practicing their skills and competitive tactics in small sided games during "REAL PE" sessions.  During the year, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work for several sessions with specialists Mrs Nash (Gymnastics), Plymouth Argyle (Football, Basketball, Athletics), and Launceston Cricket Club.  In addition, we are pleased to enter pupils into team and individual competitions with other schools, including those involving football, netball, rugby, swimming and cross country.
Being the oldest pupils in the school, Class Four are pleased to take on additional responsibilities. The School Council is run by members of Class Four (under Mrs Little's guidance), and we have The GrEAT Team (Green Eco Action Team), Learning Family leaders, House Captains and Vice-Captains.  We also enjoy helping out around the school less formally, for example, assisting with office tasks and working in collaboration with the PTA when opportunities arise.
As you can see, Class Four is a busy but exciting place, and it has not been possible to mention all that we do!  Therefore, if you require any further information, please do make contact with us via the school office, or pop into school and see Miss Wills.  
Go to our "Learning" page to see our current timetable and learning overview.  Homework information is provided below.  Remember to have a look at our "Gallery" too!
Thank you for your interest in our class.
Class Four Pupils and Staff
Weekly Routines:  Class Four
Autumn Term 2019 (First Half)
Hand in any lunch money and 15:00 Club bookings
Plymouth Argyle Football from 10/09/19 in lesson time (After school also from 17/9/19)
Swimming kit (PE kit in non-swimming weeks)
Homework handed in     
PE Kit
Homework and newsletter issued
Class Four Homework 2018-2019
Each pupil has been issued (on Fri 6th September) with a homework folder containing homework information and homework handing in dates for the year, a spelling list and booklet, exercise books for recording reading, handwriting, mathematics and Topic Show and Tell research homework.  
Homework is issued each Friday and should be handed in each Thursday.  
A copy of much of the information sent home is provided below.
Parents of Year 6 pupils have the option of requesting an additional SATs-linked homework resource containing tasks and an answer pack. This is not compulsory, and in the interest of being both "environmentally friendly" and "budget-conscious," will only be issued to those who specifically request it.  Requests need to be made by 19th September, 2019 please.
Pupils are encouraged to develop independence in remembering to take home and hand in their homework at the appropriate time (as for all other school letters and reply slips).   It is hoped that encouraging them to take this responsibility will help develop "good habits" which will be of benefit to them in secondary school.  
Each Thursday morning, pupils put their folder into the "Homework boxes" provided in the classroom and tick their name on a class list to show that their homework has been handed in.
Homework is then marked on Thursday evening, ready for re-issue on Friday.
Housepoint tokens are issued for each piece of homework completed (including evidence of reading at home documented in the yellow Reading Record book), to reward and encourage pupils.
The main aim for the setting of homework in Class 4 is to give extra time to work on basic skills such as reading, handwriting, the learning of spellings and recall of multiplication facts, as well as to instill a sense of responsibility and routine in preparation for pupils' progression to secondary school, which seems to come around incredibly quickly once pupils move to Class 4.
Thank you