There has been a significant investment in computing at South Petherwin School.  
In the last year we have:
  1. Installed five 'state of the art' touchscreens
  2. Bought a class set of Chromebooks
  3. Upgraded our wifi
This is because we passionately believe in 'learning today to change tomorrow' and want to fully prepare our children for a world which will no doubt look very different to the world of today.
Scratch Projects
Our Computing Club on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes are hugely succesful and children can come along and learn new skills. We have keen programmers, using Scratch, who are able to teach others on how to solve programming problems. Scratch is used widely in our school as it provides the building blocks of learning to programme and create algorithms to create animations and simple games.
Digital Leaders
Our school is unique in having 'digital leaders'.  These children have been able to offer support for teachers and children in the school in the use of the new Chrome Books.