Cross-curricular Topic, Art and Design Technology Spring/Summer 2018
Below you will see photos of Class Four's finished textile timeline of the history of transport, inspired by our study of The Bayeux Tapestry during our "Normans" work in Spring 2018.  Created by the Class Four of 2017-2018, we hope it will adorn our cloakroom for a long time to come.  Year 6 from that year - come back to see us and have a look!  (We hope you are all getting on well as Year 7 in your new secondary schools, but we miss you!)
Topic Show and Tell
Also pictured below are some of our Class Four's past Topic projects, brought in for Show and Tell. 
Can you guess which items relate to the Michael Morpurgo novel "Kensuke's Kingdom," which are linked to our work on cities around the world, and which are a great stimulus for our forthcoming History work about Britain in early times?
Mathematics and Design and Technology (DT)
Some photographs in our gallery show a number of the Christmas cakes that Class Four have made in the past.
Pupils independently used their mathematics weighing and measuring skills to create the rich fruit cake mixture, made some cost calculations to practice our problem solving skills, and then followed a designing process in DT to come up with these attractive creations.

Class 4 Harvest Presentation 2018

In History, Class Four is currently studying the period from Victorian times up to the First World War.  Our Harvest presentation this year remembers the 100 year anniversary of the introduction of rationing in 1918.  We have written a poem based on the rhythm of two famous poems about trains - “From a railway carriage” by Robert Louis Stevenson and  “This is the night mail” by W.H. Auden.

A poem with lines written by each of the pupils in Class Four,

and with original musical accompaniment composed by Josie and Evie.

Save and Grow

Faster than boats, faster than men,

Faster than horses, here come the forces.

The Germans are coming, the war has begun.

Families are parted, a war has started.

Soldiers are suffering, they need more food.

All through the fields, gunshots are fired.

All through the meadows the soldiers are starving;

Little did they know, how quick food would go.

Eat less yourself, and feed the soldiers.


Rationing has started, enemy ships over there.

Meat is restricted and so is the sugar.

All wheat is rationed, so is the butter.

Save the wheat and butter and meat.

Help the fleet, save the wheat.

The ships have been bombed, the food has gone.

But toad-in-the-hole, potatoes and veg.

Sizzling sausages and tomatoes are fed.


Potatoes aren’t rationed and neither are eggs.

Vegetables are free, so grow them yourself.

Buy with thought, cook with care.

Food prices will go up, so please, beware!

England has food, but it needs more.

Fill yourself up with half a loaf a day.

The English are finding ways to succeed;

Send the soldiers trucks of tasty food.


The food is getting less and less;

Soldiers love bacon but supplies are low.

But carrots and potatoes you all can grow.

All through the meadows, the vegetables and apples.

Rush through the fields and gather the foods.

Put out the bombs, the Germans have gone.

The U-boats part, the war has ceased.

England was happy, First World War had gone.