Geography at South Petherwin School
Through Geography, pupils at South Petherwin School are 'Learning today to change tomorrow' through  commitment of the whole school community to:
  • develop every child, equipping them to contribute positively to the future and striving to be the best they can be.
  • provide opportunities for all learners to fulfil their potential within a safe, secure and inspirational environment.
  • raise achievement through memorable wow moments, as a result of quality teaching and learning.
  • make kindness, tolerance, understanding, compassion and action for others a priority; taking responsibility to make the world a better place.

You can find more details of our whole school curriculum intent here: Whole School Curriculum Intent


Our young geographers!

Our pupils develop their skills as geographers through some of the following activities and processes:


  • Reading and interpreting maps of various scales;

  • Showing information on maps

  • Showing awareness of the types of information maps can give us, and their limitations.

  • Recognising that different versions of maps exist (eg. different projections, different world views) and that maps change over time.

  • Having a clear concept of how the world is sub-divided and what constitutes these component parts eg. continent, country, city, town, village;  knowing the 7 continents and increasingly the countries within them, capital cities etc.

  • Distinguishing between physical and human geographical features and their relationships to one another.

  • Linking physical and human features to the development of different cultures and lifestyles.

  • Recognising the interconnectivity and interdependence of worldwide locations (eg. global trade) and how situations in one location can affect another (eg. environmental matters);  the need for sustainability.

  • Recognising and explain links between Geography and other subjects eg. History, Science, RE.


You can find more details of Geography at South Petherwin School in the documents below.