Maths at South Petherwin School

At South Petherwin School we provide the pupils with a mathematics curriculum which will produce individuals who are creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident. We want to develop positive attitudes towards maths and increase the children’s confidence and enjoyment. We ensure that we are addressing the three key aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving, throughout our Maths lessons.

At South Petherwin School we encourage the children to explore patterns, ask questions and to explain their reasoning through discussion. We want the children to be confident at calculating the four operations and to ensure that they have a range of strategies to solve mental calculations. We produce a stimulating environment and allow pupils to develop their mathematical skills to their full potential using exciting and relevant resources.

Around the World challenge

The ‘Around the World ‘ challenge is used to encourage pupils to improve their mental calculations, including time tables. It encourages pupils to improve their mental maths and therefore increase the speed and confidence they tackle mental maths problems in maths sessions, across the curriculum and in day to day life.

The pupils have a chance every week to practise their mental recall of number bonds, times tables and division facts through the ‘Around the World’ Challenge to see if they can get to the next city or country.

Teaching for Maths Mastery at South Petherwin School
In order to achieve 'mastery' we teach maths using the Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract approach, underpinned by Bar Modelling.
This means you'll see lots of practical resources being used to support and deepen knowledge in every classroom.  Have a look at what this means ...
Maths Support for Parents
1.  Playing Maths Games
As well as playing SUMDOG (please see your child's teacher for a login if you do not know this) there are plenty of maths games that are not computer based.  You can bring maths alive through simple games and activities, whether out shopping, using the context of money to help develop your child's skills or helping them to better understand measurement when baking or putting together the new rabbit's hutch.  There's always an opportunity for a 'maths moment'. 
Board games can be great for developing maths skills
  • Darts
  • Dominoes
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Monopoly