Our last Ofsted Inspection was in March 2017.  We received a very positive report grading the school as good.
  • "Pupils engage well with their learning because they find work interesting and stimulating."
  • "They follow instructions carefully, pay avid attention to the teacher and work very well with each other.
  • "Leaders and staff have created a welcoming school."
  • "Parents are highly supportive of the school's work."
  • "Pupils report that ... they are happy and 'really safe' in school because they feel well supported."
  • "Governors ... possess a wide range of skills and professionalism."
  • "You have a comprehensive and ambitious plan for school improvement"
  • "Pupils enjoy their school experience and those who spoke to me said they always involve 'new people' in their playground games."
  • "You articulate a clear vision of high expectation for all involved with the school."
  • "Staff work successfully to develop pupils resilience in learning.  One pupil said 'Mistakes are a good thing you can learn from, they are not bad."
  • "You and your leadership team are focused on continuous improvement through staff development so that the school's vision of 'Learning today to change tomorrow' is realised fully.