Our school motto is ‘Learning today to change tomorrow.’  As part of that we passionately believe that reading opens the door to all learning.

  • A child who reads a lot will become a good reader.
  • A good reader will be able to read challenging material.
  • A child who reads challenging material is a child who will learn.
  • The more a child learns the more a child wants to find out.

 Learning to read is the most important thing your child will learn at South Petherwin CP School. Everything else depends on it, so we put as much energy as we possibly can into making sure that every single child learns to read as quickly as possible.

We want your child to love reading – and to want to read for themselves. This is why we put our efforts into making sure they develop a love of books as well as simply learning to read.

To help you continue the reading adventure at home as well as at school, the BookTrust HomeTime YouTube channel is full of exciting ways to support and develop a love of reading.