Vision and Values

All members of this school community—children, teaching and support staff, parents, governors and the wider village community—are committed to;

  • develop and include every child, equipping them to contribute positively to the future, by embracing effective technologies, encouraging active thinking and establishing a ‘can do’ approach to life-long learning, through a sustainable, healthy and well-managed lifestyle.
  • provide opportunities for all learners to fulfil their potential, within a safe and secure environment, by establishing a culture of challenge, high expectation, enjoyment, risk-taking, and valuing all individuals for their contributions and successes.
  • raising achievement through a flexible and personalised curriculum, in which quality teaching and learning takes place both within the school and beyond, underpinned by co-operative working, team building, chcaristics for learning and nurturing individual gifts and talents.
  • embrace all within the wider community, by working in partnership with others, beyond the school walls to as far as we can reach, by establishing an outward-looking culture of care, compassion and understanding of need and injustice.
  • make tolerance, understanding, compassion and action for others a priority, by extending our community beyond the school walls to as far as we can reach, and recognising the need for everyone to apply their gifts and talents for the sake of others.