World Book Day!

The Masked Reader...
Listen to the readers of these book blurbs. Can you guess who they are and what book they are reading? 
Clue - they are all adults at our school.  :) 
The donkey = 
Woody = 
Yoda = 
Cat = 
Horse = 
Rat = 
Tiger = 
Sloth = 

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. Our mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.

Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income.

We love celebrating our love for reading so each class will be doing a variety of activities linked to World Book Day. 
World Book Day is on 4th March 2021.  We would love to encourage children to dress up as their favourite book characters at home and send in photos via Class Dojo! 
Competition and challenges: 
Design a book token: 
 Make your mark on the template and design a brand new National Book Tokens gift card. All entries should be produced on A4 paper using the template (link attached). Bring your completed design into school when we are back next week and we can get them sent off.
200 million minutes:
We have signed up to the 200 million minutes challenge.  All you have to do is read for as many minutes as possible during the challenge. I have attached bookmarks and door hangers for you to record your minutes on. Keep a record of your minutes and let your class teacher know via email or Dojo so we can add our minutes to the site. You can read a book, magazine, newspaper, anything that you enjoy reading. 
Have a look at the site for any more information 
Links below for useful website/ resources: